Congreant Office Closure, Jobs Retained

offficeoutsideIn a statement issued by a Congreant Energy Security representative Monday, the company  plans to close its Richfield location, a move expected to save about $1.5 million annually.

The St. Louis Park based company said the shut down of this office is part of an “efficiency and expense reduction effort.” The closures are expected to take place in the second quarter of this year.

Congreant has multiple offices worldwide.  After this closing, will still operate in 14 global locations.

The company said it will continue to provide service to its customers through their new parent company Harkin Barrow. Additional information about the closures will be sent to the customers of the offices in the next few days, the statement said.

Harkin Barrow said it it anticipates retaining the majority of its employees but personell cuts will be “unavoidable, as redundancies are recognized.” Operations from this location totaled $76.9 million in the last year. The company said it expects many of the employees at the affected office will be offered opportunities for comparable positions in the nearby St. Louis Park location.

Before the announcement Monday, shares of Harkin Barrow PPS closed down 11 cents at $12.83.

Harkin Barrow is now Harkin Barrow Group (HBG)

harkinbarrowlogoAfter years of working closely with all of our national partners on every aspect of logistics, security, operations and control systems from airports to rail, shipping to power and everything that makes the world move well, we finally made it official. Harkin Barrow has brought in the best minds of Bridger Transportation Logistics, Mill Paxon Maritime, Thomas Diaz Aviation Security, and Congreant Energy Solutions, to team with HarkinBarrow. Now, with the planned acquisition of Satori PS of Nagoya, Japan we needed to embrace the whole team. While operationally, the great service you’ve come to expect will still be there, your reports, emails, data relays and monthly statements will all be be rebranded. For most of our partners, your contact person won’t change. For those of you experience one of the inevitable glitches, contact Marjorie Short in our Minnesota HQ.

Congreant Leads in NERC and Multigrid Market

 Energy Not Wasted

Harkin Barrow Partner, Congreant, has pioneered the field of industrial-scale multi-grid energy residuals.  Because significant energy is lost between service grids, Congreant developed the system to capture and bundle this energy, whether from hydro-electric, nuclear, or fuel-based generation.  These energy bundles are then sold to high-capacity industrial consumers, who require more energy than average for their production.  The energy bundles are available in consumption intervals of from kilowatt to yottawatt, and can be routed to locations as far as 1000 miles from the grid differential.

In 2009, Canadian Parliament passed legislation allowing energy bundles to be routed from the US to all provinces with significant industrial grid shortfalls.  Congreant was chosen as the sole provider for the distribution of six petawatt bundles per month to 11 provinces, nearly 6 times the total energy of the Gulf Stream.

While these bundles are not yet approved for residential consumption, the Clean Grid and Fair Energy Use Acts may soon allow households in communities of thirty or more houses to purchase small bundles of energy residuals for local power needs.  Because the bundles are purchased at far below market value, and would be provided to communities at a steep discount, the local energy provider would be required by law to purchase the remainder back from the community, usually at a rate of $.0015/microwatt.  Communities would also be able to offer neighboring areas bonds on future residual bundle overages.

What does all this mean for you?  Your factory can run cheaper, your production savings can be passed on to customers, and you can rest assured, knowing that energy is being harnessed, not wasted.

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